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Sell your home for the highest offer!

Need to Sell?  Congratulations!  You're in a "sellers" market in St. Louis for the first time in several years.

Best of all, I can help you take advantage of this new buyer demand and maximize the sale price of your home by using online bidding.

My 7-day online bidding/marketing process will get buyers into your home and let them bid it out against each other online!  The process attracts more buyers and gets them to take action by giving them a short deadline to submit an offer. 

Here is an overview of the process...Your home is listed in the MLS and REIAuctions.com simultaneously.  I coordinate marketing via flyers, Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads.  Agents will be allowed to schedule showings during the process and I will hold a 1 hour open house.  Online bidding opens Thursday and ends Sunday night at 8 pm.  After it ends, YOU decide whether you accept or counter the highest offer. 

Does online bidding work?  Absolutely!  Here is a comment from one of our customers that used our process to sell their $1.3 Million home in Town & Country.

"Amazing!!! We really appreciate all your help in selling our house through your auction service.  It saved us so much time and money by being able to find a buyer so quickly.  Your service was excellent and professional.  We will definitely tell others about REI Auctions." - Paul H. in Town & Country, MO

Please call me at 636-686-0569 to learn more.

Tom Wood
Real Estate Broker/Auctioneer - GFW Properties, LLC
CEO & Co-Founder - Real Estate Auction Systems

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